Xentica 0.2 Development Started

02 March 2019

High fives, if you did not notice, Xentica 0.2 active development just started this week. We have a primary goal to


Xentica 0.1.1 Release

24 July 2018

Greetings, today we are glad to update you with Xentica 0.1.1 bugfix release. A number of major optimization and bugfix changes were made, so we highly recom...

Xentica/Moire 0.1.0 Release

05 May 2018

Today is the anniversary of both Xentica and Moire, a year since the development started. On this day, we are glad to present you the first public release of...

Xentica / Moire: Last Preparations

28 February 2018

We are doing last preparations before first Xentica release. Actually, it is already fully prepared to be released. It has a solid documentation, covered 100...