Xentica 0.2 Development Started

High fives, if you did not notice, Xentica 0.2 active development just started this week. We have a primary goal to

  • run Evolife model on the renewed Xentica engine

And the secondary goals are:

  • integrate meta-params with Moire for automated UI build
  • give the ability to edit those params interactively
  • save/load experiments at runtime

Hopefully, most of those changes would be done before the Xentica 2nd anniversary (May 5th).

There are more things to be done for real-life science application, as we discussed with @Arcprotorp in Artipixoids utility in Origin of Life research issue.

So, probably we could sacrifice secondary goals (dealing most with visual/usability stuff) in favor of early core features, like: fields, distributions and other tools necessary to run Xentica powered version of MSE or similar model.

Moire itself would most likely stay at 0.1 version, giving us just basic visualisation abilities. We’ll proceed to automated UI generation only after Xentica 0.2 is released.

Traditionally, we have an updated performance results. Author’s shining new GTX 1080Ti, and another GTX 1050Ti version by @Arcprotorp were added.

GPU Tester Conway’s Life Shifting Sands
GTX 1080Ti @a5kin 6.61 Gcells/s 7.39 Gcells/s
GTX TITAN @a5kin 3.31 Gcells/s 3.43 Gcells/s
GTX 1050 Ti @Arcprotorp 2.29 Gcells/s 2.54 Gcells/s
GTX 1050 Ti @robotateme 1.82 Gcells/s 2.02 Gcells/s
GTX 750 Ti @alexeyshch 1.19 Gcells/s 1.32 Gcells/s
GTX 860M @a5kin 1.05 Gcells/s 1.13 Gcells/s

Stay connected,
Xentica/Moire Team