Xentica/Moire 0.1.0 Release

Today is the anniversary of both Xentica and Moire, a year since the development started. On this day, we are glad to present you the first public release of the system.

Version 0.1.0 is a minimum viable product. The main goal was to make Game Of Life model runnable with Xentica/Moire ecosystem. We succeed with it, and in the process, some cool extra features were implemented, like multi-dimensionality and multiple properties per cell. See the full list of features in the Xentica Changelog.

Moire is a mere satellite of Xentica, but also has its own standalone example, called Noise TV. Current functionality is very minimal, you can see the detailed description in Moire Changelog.

The system was tested on Debian/Ubuntu only, installation instructions are included. If you’ll manage to run it on other OS, please update us with details/hints.

There are also a number of bugs and optimization issues we are going to fix in 0.1.x releases. Then, we will focus on version 0.2.0, the main goal of which is to run Evolife with Xentica/Moire.

Current performance results for Game Of Life, in gigacells per second:

GPU Performance
GTX 860M 1.05 Gcells/s
GTX TITAN 3.27 Gcells/s

Special thanks to @robotateme for testing and help with installation instructions.

Stay connected,
Xentica/Moire Team