The Past

Artipixoids! is half generative art, half artificial life project with a focus on genetic cellular automata obeying energy conservation principle. Started in the end of 2014, the engine has undergone several major modifications, and is still in development. Below, you can see an antology of legacy modifications.

We have several 1-dimensional mods now, but only one of them has an artistic value. It's called Elemafter, and specialize in creating cool vertical patterns and power spectrum images for the subsequent sound generation.

The project was thought as a Flatlander's paradise, but with the growth, it has been extended to 3D, and then down to 1D. Still, 2D is the main dimension we are working at. Below is the history of how 2D mods were developing.
Mod 0 [Dec/2014]
This is the very early attempt to write a CA with energy conservation. The engine was very buggy, it even didn't fully comply the conservation principle. Nevertheless, it produced decent pixel art, so I decided to take some screens of it. Only two of them survived, but recently I found the oldest version in my stash, so new shots of Mod 0 are on their way.
Mod 1 [Jun/2016]
Since Mod 0 I was experimenting a lot with different modifications. None of them had any artistic value though, so they died unborn. Until I was stricken by the idea to add genetic microprograms for each cell. Immediately, they began to play with my imagination, so I made a lot of screenshots and even the very first video showing Artipixoids! in action.
Mod 2 [Jul/2016]
Mod 1 was very glitchy and sharp, so I was continuing to improve the engine, in order to make the effects more nature-like. A lot of meta-parameters were added to the engine, bringing physics to the next level. The engine began to show very diversified behavior, but it had a bug, making the evolution non-deterministic, which also resulted in ugly vertical stripes.
Mod 2a [Sep/2016]
This mod was very similar in meta-parameters to the Mod 2, but fully deterministic. Unfortunately, with the deteminicity came different dynamics, and it was worse for my liking.
Mod 2c [Feb/2017]
Finally, after many re-designs I ended up with the most wonderful 2-dimensional modification. There is some real PRNG magic in it, and I am not sure myself how exactly it works :) But the one thing is important, the images it produces are simply mind-blowing.

Yes, we already have a full-functioning 3D engine with the interactive environment allowing to explore your growing world in a manner of the good old Descent. The mod is called Mod 3 and is very similar to Mod 2a, just extended to 3 dimensions.

The Present

At this moment, we have only The Concept PDF as the roadmap.
Feel free to peek into it, if you are interested in what is on our minds.

The Future

The project will be split into 3 main parts.

XENTICA: Core Engine


XENTICA is the new aeon goddess of digital universe. Besides, it will be the core framework, allowing us to build new CA modifications and run them on different parallel hardware.

MOIRE: User Interface


XENTICA will be covered in MOIRE, which is Multi-Objective Interactive Runtime Environment. Generally it is intended to be the user interface, allowing us to run XENTICA models interactively.

VAULT: Mods Collection


It would also be nice to have a public place for keeping and sharing all XENTICA mods over the world. VAULT is a good name for it. But honestly, we are not yet sure about details.

NOTE: Backgrounds for projects' banners above are generated by Mod 2c.
You may find them at the gallery dedicated specially to this mod.


If you have something to say regarding the project,
just open an issue at GitHub.
For quick impressions, please comment below.