The development is split up into 3 sub-projects.



XENTICA is the new aeon goddess of digital universe. Besides, it is the core framework, allowing us to build new CA modifications and run them on different parallel hardware.

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XENTICA is covered in MOIRE, Multi-Objective Interactive Runtime Environment. It is the official user interface, allowing us to run XENTICA models interactively.

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There is a rumor about a public place called VAULT for keeping and sharing all XENTICA mods over the world. Unfortunately, it is now locked for everyone, including core developers.

Latest Posts

Xentica 0.2.0 Release

28 June 2019

Good day, the next major version is out at last, and we are glad to present you Xentica 0.2.0 release. A lot of new features were added to the core engine. A...

In Anticipation Of Xentica 0.2

14 May 2019

Greetings from every cell of our hearts! Xentica (formerly HECATE) has anniversary today: 2 years since the first actual code committed. And we are celebrati...

Xentica 0.2 Development Started

02 March 2019

High fives, if you did not notice, Xentica 0.2 active development just started this week. We have a primary goal to

Xentica 0.1.1 Release

24 July 2018

Greetings, today we are glad to update you with Xentica 0.1.1 bugfix release. A number of major optimization and bugfix changes were made, so we highly recom...

Xentica/Moire 0.1.0 Release

05 May 2018

Today is the anniversary of both Xentica and Moire, a year since the development started. On this day, we are glad to present you the first public release of...